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About Us

The team of Adventures Mexico, your Merida Urban Adventures partner, is formed by a group of passionate people coming from different parts of the world.

Lindy is from the United States, Diana comes from Veracruz, Mexico and Luis is from Yucatan, Mexico. Together we promote Mexico and particularly the Yucatan. We love Mexico and are always striving to find off-the-beaten-track experiences.

When we’re not working at the office or guiding our groups, we go and explore. We’ve found great local communities and cooperatives that are organizing themselves to offer unique travel experiences; jungle lodges, cenote rappelling or hikes in Maya communities.

Apart from travel, Diana loves listening to music, reading and spending time with her beagle dog, Luna.

Lindy enjoys exploring Mexico with her husband and watching sports.

Luis is the leader of the team; if not traveling, he’s with his children and wife or enjoying great local food, something he truly loves.

We have found tourism a great opportunity for sharing life with people; we are also aware of the risks of performing tourism in a non-responsible way. The tourism we do at Adventures Mexico could be called low profile tourism, as many times we take travelers to places most tourists don’t go.

We open a different Mexico, doing things that are sometimes only available for locals. We also support local and indigenous populations whenever possible, as well as using hotels and hospitality organizations that are committed to sustainable business practices.